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    Intellectual property


    We advise you on strategies for protecting your intellectual property rights, carry out audits and evaluations of your intellectual property assets and draw up exploitation contracts (notably licenses and assignments). We also assist you in litigation involving intellectual property rights: trademarks, designs, patents (in particular pharmaceutical/cosmetic/agro-food patents), literary and artistic property (copyright, neighboring rights, etc.), as well as customs procedures.

    IP portfolio management

    We file on your behalf trademarks, designs, domain names, copyrights, Soleau envelopes, etc., take care of and supervise registration procedures, carry out official registrations and manage an online database allowing you to access your IP portfolio at any time.

    Unfair competition practices

    We assist you in any litigation involving unfair competition practices and/or free riding (imitation of distinctive signs, business disorganization, copying of websites, packaging, graphics charters, advertising campaigns, etc.) and advise you on strategies to avoid unfair competition practices.

    Internet law and domain names

    We assist you in the creation of websites (content protection, drafting of legal notices, general terms and conditions of sale/use, assignments, software licenses, etc.), in the fight against privacy breaches, online identity theft, press offences, manages litigation involving domain names and advise you on the compliance of your personal data policies.

    Regulations on drugs, medical devices, food and cosmetics

    We advise you on regulations of drugs and other related domains (obtaining marketing authorizations, prices, advertising, anti-gift law, transparency, etc.) and assist you in your relations with health authorities and before the administrative courts. We also draw up all types of contracts relating to pharmaceutical activities (processing, research and development, co-promotion, co-marketing, subcontracting, licensing / assignments of patents).

    Health law

    We advise you and manage all litigation relating to medical and pharmaceutical liability, medical accidents and personal injury.

    Commercial law

    We draw up all types of contracts relating to the provision of services and manage commercial litigation such as commercial disparagements, breach of contract, poor performance of services, etc.

    Consumer law – Advertising law

    We advise you on the application of the laws Evin (a French law on the fight against smoking and alcoholism) and Toubon (a French law promoting and defending the use of the French language), draw up all types of audiovisual contracts and assist you in litigation involving unfair/deceptive commercial practices, illicit comparative advertising, etc.